Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best Telemarketing Loss Mitigation Leads

You can be confident that every loan mitigation lead CallComLeads will provide you is interested in your services and is in dire need of loan modification. However, the homeowner must be over the hardship that put them in that position in the first place. Our experienced and very dedicated telemarketers will filter bad leads to make sure that every lead will meet up or even exceed your specifications.

CallComLeads is a flexible campaign in which you can increase or decrease the size of the workforce with speed and ease. The associated costs are very controllable, fixed costs all almost completely eliminated and the need for high initial capital outlay is removed.

The best part is we will replace any lead you find unsatisfactory no questions asked.

Loan Modification – a Win-Win Solution

Loan modification benefits both the borrower and the lender. It minimizes the homeowner’s costs and at the same time reduces the homeowner’s lender’s loss.

The most widespread advantage to the homeowner is the avoidance of foreclosure because loss mitigation works to either relieve the homeowner of the mortgage obligation or create a mortgage resolution that is financially sustainable for the homeowner. Lenders benefit by mitigating the losses they would incur through foreclosing on the homeowner. Immediate foreclosure creates a tremendous financial burden on the lender. Loss mitigation allows the lender to take a lesser loss right now in order to avoid the much greater losses caused by such foreclosures.

Wide Array of Loan Modification Leads

We have a 20 million householder database that is constantly updated for accurate information and is incessantly filled in as their information changes. Call Com Inc is very firm in deleting from the list prospects that do not fit the criteria of a high quality loss mitigation lead.

Unique Loss Modification Leads

We brand the whole campaign with your company name so that when a lead is generated, the prospect experiences a seamless incorporated service. Homeowners like to feel that they are being watched over by an efficient and professional company because they are entrusting you with their most valuable asset; their home.

Entrust your home to CallCom Leads and you will never have to worry.

Save Your Home with Loss Mitigation

Loss mitigation is the course of action of trying to prevent a home foreclosure before it takes place. Both a third party that works strictly for the paramount wellbeing of the home owner and either a representative or an employee of the lean holder can take charge of the loss mitigation process. A third party is often the best choice in handling the loss mitigation process due to their expertise and the capability to transact with the lending company without any personal connection to the situation. The loss mitigation program was established to aid home owners that were being troubled by the impending loss of their homes as a result of delinquent payments. A professional loss mitigation counselor will work as a mediator between the home owner as well as the lender to find another option to foreclosure.

There are numerous alternatives when it comes to loss mitigation and the primary focus should be to keep the home owner in possession of their home. The first step a loss mitigation counselor should do is to try to set up a repayment or loan modification plan that is reasonable for the home owner while at the same time amenable to the lending institution. Loan modification may include but is not limited to a partial payment of amounts in arrears and then an extension of the loan terms to compensate for the remainder of the amount of the loan in default. With the repayment plan, it is imperative that the plan be sensible when it comes to the home owner’s capacity to pay back the amount that is delinquent.

Loss mitigation is all concerned about retaining the home owner in their home. If such outcome seems unattainable, the loss mitigation counselor should take on every legal means to assist the home owner get the most for their home as they possibly can prior to the foreclosure sale. This may consist of a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or a brief payoff if a qualified purchaser can be identified.

By taking the time to understand your rights in the foreclosure process, it is feasible to utilize the loss mitigation process to be back on track with your mortgage. Lenders ultimately desire to keep the home owner in their home but in return it is up to the home owner to demonstrate that they will be willing and able to maintain the mortgage payments in the future.

There can be no better choice than CallComLeads in your search for a partner that will have save you your home. Just call CallComLeads and your troubles will be over.

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